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Your fromager

 Jerome Tabarie


I, Jerome Tabarie, have many years experience in the dairy sector. I have been a cheese

monger working with cheeses from all over Europe for over 13 years, I had a stint at cheese making and certainly experienced the hardship and passion that goes into creating a great cheese. My passion for GOOD BACTERIA led me to become a Food Safety professional teaching many a food handler the dangers of bad bacteria and the beauty and wholesomeness of the good bacteria that inhabit our raw milk cheeses. I was lucky to be a specialist for a Sunday morning TV show where I had buckets of fun presenting fantastic artisan cheeses to inspire viewers, many of them I would love to have on this site as things move forward. As the makers of artisan cheeses, I intend to have as little an impact on the environment as possible with this venture, your goods will be cycled to you  and I will endeavour to limit usage of plastic anytime possible.

As for the name RINDWASH, it is inherited from a cheese making practice designed to create the conditions favourable for an optimum maturation. I do regard cheese as a reflection of oneself and like cheese one may be able to ripen in a more harmonious manner if placed in the right conditions. 





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