Bleu des Causses / 1.2kg / C/P/Anr / Blue veined /Rouergue /30% fat.

Strong Mushroom cave smell and creamy, salty bold blue taste. (5)


For several centuries, artisanal dairies have been scattered throughout the Causses. It is in this land of moors and rockeries, with a harsh and contrasting climate, that the Bleu des Causses was born and draws its specific and original qualities. The milk is enriched with the scent of the wild plants that grow there.


Bleu des Causses is best consumed at the end of a meal but it is also delicious cooked in omelettes or pancakes, it is great for seasoning pasta or potatoes. It is also excellent for spicing up grilled meat to which it gives a refined flavour, or to bind a gravy (roast beef for example).


A Bergerac moelleux will bring out its flavors. It can also be accompanied by a red wine, a Bordeaux, a Cahors or a Madiran.


Bleu des Causses

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200 Grams
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