Brie de Meaux / 3kg / C/R/AnR / Soft white bloom / Ile de France / 26% fat.

Full bouquet, fruity tang (3)


The cheese from the "Pays de Brie" seems to have been known as early as Charlemagne, who appreciated it very much. Blanche de Navarre, Countess of Champagne, sent some to King Philippe Auguste. Charles d'Orléans made a present of it to the ladies of the court for their New Year's gifts. Henri IV ate it on bread. It was in 1814 that he received the supreme consecration at the Congress of Vienna and was nicknamed "king of cheeses" during a dinner organized by Talleyrand where each ambassador had been invited to bring from his country the cheese of his choice.


Consumed at the end of a meal, Brie de Meaux can also be tasted in canapés, in croquettes; it is part of the composition of many regional recipes, such as briard pancakes and croque-briard ...

It is accompanied by nervous and fruity red wines.



Brie de meaux

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