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Camembert au lait cru / 240g / C/R/AnR / Soft white bloom / Normandie / 22% fat. 

Beautiful bouquet ( God's feet ), fruity and tangy, a raw Camembert as it should be.(3/4)


It is the most famous cheese in Normandie. Its name remains attached to that of Marie Harel who, in 1791, assisted by the advice of a priest from Brie hiding from the revolutionary repression near Vimoutiers (Orne) in the town of Camembert, improved on the making of a local cheese to create Camembert. From the Pays d'Auge, it spread throughout Normandie and soon its addition to the poilu (WW1 French soldier) food ration would cement its status in French folklore. 

Back in 2008, Michel Roux Jr tried this Camembert for The Observer, this is what he said:  

" Nice blooming on top: the bouncy surface is a good indicator of how gooey it is. Smooth all the way through with a nice tang and an almost floral taste. Lovely, lovely cheese. 5 Stars".


Our Camembert de Normandie is best enjoyed at the end of a meal but it can also be enjoyed in croquettes or canapés. Many red wines can accompany it (Beaujolais, Côtes-du-Rhône or de Touraine), but why not pair it with a good cider as the locals would.

Camembert au lait cru

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