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Camembert au lait cru / 240g / C/R/AnR / Soft white bloom / Normandie / 22% fat. 

Beautiful bouquet ( God's feet ), fruity and tangy, a raw Camembert as it should be.(3/4)


Wild Mushrooms and Summer truffle cream: 70% Wild mushrooms, 10% Summer Black Truffle ( Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Mesentericum ), Olive Oil, Breadcrumb (WHEAT), Salt, Spices.




A lovely cheese that you could enjoy either as it comes at the dinner table or even cooked served with some good rustic bread, a few cured meats and a good hearty red wine. I shall see you soon.


Camembert, Wild mushrooms and Summer Black Truffle cream.

SKU: 0059
240 Grams