Cantal / 40kg / C/R/AnR / Hard uncooked pressed / Auvergne /  30% fat

Cellar smell, earthy lactic, delicately fruity and nutty yet. (3/4)


First known as Cantal from the late 13th century onwards, it is though believed to be as old as 2000 years. A cheese made by a Gaul tribe in the "Pays de Gabalès" , what is known now as Gévaudan in Aveyron, was said to be the most esteemed in Rome by Pliny the Elder made famous by his historia naturalis.

It does taste like a cheddar too, no surprise as it is made using a cheddaring technique. It is indeed thought to be a precursor to cheddar. Cantal is not clothbound though so its rind is quite lively often turning a deep brown slowly imparting earthiness to the ivory fruity and somewhat nutty cheese. 


Fresh apples, red fruits are good companions, great for a nibble, it will give a kick to many dishes.

Enjoy with a light fruity red wine like a beaujolais.








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