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Chabi / 200g / G/R/AnR/ soft natural / Poitou / 29% fat.

Strong goat smell yet nutty, lemony, slightly goaty without aggressiveness somewhat delicate (3)


Goat cheese making in France, particularly in Poitou, started in the 8th century with the Saracens brief occupation of the region. They brought along their chebli ( goats )  and their cheesemaking knowledge. They left both behind when they were pushed away. Chabi, you may have guessed it, is a declination of chebli. Our Chabi mildness and sweetness is a reflection of the mild Poitou-Charente climate. 

A lovely cheese to enjoy after dinner to enjoy with a dry white wine.


SKU: 0002
200 Grams
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    • Cow
    • Goat
    • Ewe
    • Raw
    • Thermised
    • Pasteurized
    • Animal Rennet
    • Plant Rennet
    • Microbiological Rennet
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