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Coeur de Neufchatel / 200g / C/R/AnR / Soft white bloom / Normandie / 23% fat.

Light mould smell and savoury and salty taste. (3)


The "Boutonnière du Pays de Bray" designates, in Haute-Normandie, a narrow plain carved in limestone. Its position, well sheltered from the winds, and its rather constant cool and humid climate are particularly favorable for grazing. It's there by Neufchâtel-En-Bray that our cheese is made using traditional methods.


We find the first traces of manufacture of our cheese from 1037.

It is fair to say it quickly built up a head of steam as a few years later, a tax

"la dîme des frometons" perceived on the peasants of the valley of Bray engaged in the trade of their cheeses, was