Crottin frais / 60g / G/P/AnR/ soft natural / Berry / 28% fat.

Faint goat smell, mild and lemony. (3)


Crottin draws its name from the Berry term “crot” which described a hole on the river bank where the locals washed their clothes. They used the clayey earth that bordered these “crots” to make oil lamps and then cheese molds. And there was crottin!


It is a good introduction to goat cheese, it is not too strong, milky and lemony with a faint goat taste. Great as a snack with a drizzle of honey or in a salade de chèvre chaud. 


Crottin frais pairs well with lively and fruity white wines, the local Quincy or a Rully blanc from Bourgogne.

Crottin Frais

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60 Grams
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