Farmyard Reblochon / 500g / C/R/AnR / Soft washed / Haute-Savoie / 30% fat.

Strong penetrating smell with a yet subtle silky meaty nutty taste. (3)


The Reblochon owes its birth, towards the end of the Middle Ages, to the concealment by the farmer of part of his milk production in order to reduce the rent ( based at the time on milk output ) he owed to the owners of the mountain pastures. He did so by stopping the milking before the udder was empty, an action known locally as "reblocher", only to resume once the owner had left. The resulting rich leftover milk was used to make Reblochon. 


Reblochon de Savoie is an end-of-meal cheese, but it can also be eaten as a snack. Easy to digest, creamy and soft, it is also suitable for children.


It is advantageously accompanied by fresh and fruity white wines from Savoie, but also light and fruity red wines such as Beaujolais or gamay.


Often consumed in a tartiflette, many have forgotten it is at his best as a table cheese in summer and in autumn.




Farmyard Reblochon

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500 Grams
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