Fourme d'Ambert / 2.2kg / C/P/AnR / Blue veined / Auvergne / 29% fat.

Light cellar smell, mild slightly earthy taste. (3)


Fourme d'Ambert was likely already prepared in the land of the Arvernes as Caesar's campaign started. It looks like a stone though don't be misled by its appearance,  it is actually a rather mild somewhat delicate blue cheese suited to beginners. 


Fourme d'Ambert is an end of meal cheese though it can also be used for the preparation of starters, salads, soufflés, filled pancakes ...


It may be served with a red or rosé, Côtes d'Auvergne, Côtes du Forez, Côte Roannaise, but also a mellow white like the Côteaux du Layon.

Fourme d'Ambert

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200 Grams
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