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Gruyère Suisse réserve / 35kg / C/R/AnR / Hard cooked pressed/ Vaud / 28% fat. 

Considerable bouquet, mid salty, nutty, meaty, not too many tyrosine crystals (4/5)


Though there are many earlier examples of cheese making in the region, our cheese was first known as "gruière" fromin 1655. In 1762, the Académie française entered the word "Gruyère" in their dictionary specifying that it is a cheese made in the Gruyères region of Switzerland. During the Paris Agricultural Fair of 1856, two exhibitors from Fribourg obtained a gold medal for their Gruyère. The first of many, our cheese is indeed a multi world champion. 

A Gruyère doux will be aged for five months, demi-doux for eight while our Gruyère réserve  will be aged ten to twelve months, anything older is called surchoix. 


A small 30 grs piece of Gruyère covers a quarter of our daily calcium needs, quite a healthy snack. It is the basis for many fondue recipes.


It pairs well with fruity wines both white like a Chardonnay or red like a bursting with berry flavour Gamay. 

Gruyère Suisse réserve

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