Morbier / 7kg / C/R/AnR /Semi hard uncooked pressed / Franche-Comte / 28% fat.

Faint cellar smell, fruity, lactic, meaty taste. (3)


It originates from the farms and fruitieres of Doubs and Jura. In winter the farmers in Franche-Comté did not have enough milk to make the big Comté cheeses so they had to produce a smaller one with a bit of trickery. They curdled the morning milk, placed the curds in a mold and covered them with ashes to protect them from insects and completed with the curd from the evening milking leaving a thin black stripe in its center. If you look at the edge of your slice you may well spot morning and evening layer. It was not definitively baptized Morbier until the end of the 19th century.

I particularly enjoy the nutty emmental like notes that come at the end. It is ripened in the same room as my Comté!


A great sandwich cheese, melts equally as well as Raclette de savoie.


Enjoy with a young fruity red.



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