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Munster / 750g / C/P/AnR /Soft washed / Alsace and Lorraine / 27% fat.

Strong penetrating smell, creamy, yeasty, tangy delicate taste (3/4).

Buy two pieces for a whole cheese!


Munster was born in the Middle Ages, to the south of the Vosges mountains. Irish Benedictine monks travelled up the Fecht valley and settled in 634 at a place called "Schweinsbache". They founded around 660 the Saint Grégoire abbey around which several rural annexes were developed, including a village called Munster, derived from the Latin monasterium, which would later give its name to the cheese. 


True amateurs appreciate it plain, without bread, with hot boiled whole potatoes. It is also used in the composition of tasty regional dishes, like the quiche and omelette au Munster, the tourte potato and Munster, The baeckeoffe with Munster, etc...


It can be accompanied by generous red wines like Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil rouge, Saint-Emilion, Saumur rouge.  It pairs admirably too with dry white wines like Pinot Gris or riesling.


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350 Grams