Ossau-Iraty/3.5kg/E/P/AnR/ Hard uncooked pressed/ Béarn & Pays Basque / 33% fat.

Slight sweet nutty smell, rich, nutty floral with caramel flavours (3/4)


Manufactured in an area covering the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department and a small part of the Hautes-Pyrénées, Ossau-Iraty's name evokes its two provinces of origin: Béarn and the Pays Basque where mountains, sometimes hollowed out by deep valleys or covered with thick forests, occupy a large part of the territory. These mountains have sheltered Manech and Basco-Béarnaise ewes for centuries, they fostered their relationship with shepherds who in their cujalas or cayolars have been drawing the best out of the rich flavoursome milk they produce ever since.


Ossau Iraty is the shepherd's snack or the peasant dessert.

A must with black cherry jam! Can be added as a condiment in a soup or gratin. Full-bodied red wines and full-bodied white wines from its region of origin, Jurançon, Madiran, or Irouléguy, accompany him pleasantly.


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200 Grams
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