Roquefort le vieux berger / 1.2kg / E/R/AnR / Blue veined / Aveyron / 32% fat.

Strong penetrating smell, pronounced intense long blue taste. (5)


From the 8th century, Roquefort is cited in numerous written records concerning its region of origin, the Rouergue.

Charlemagne had made it his favorite cheese. In 1411, a Charter written by Charles VI recognized the vital need to defend Roquefort "in a country where neither vines nor grain of wheat grows", and in 1666, a Toulouse Parliament granted the inhabitants of Roquefort "a monopoly on maturing cheese as practiced from time immemorial in the caves of the said village ". Despite the Revolution, the privileges granted to Roquefort were maintained by the Convention which decided that "will be Roquefort only what comes out of the cellars of Roquefort ".

It is within a huge rocky scree on the edge of the Grands Causses, under the the Combalou plateau, that the Roquefort cellars have been fitted out. Humid air coming from the bowels of the mountain, enters it through long faults called " fleurines ". There is accomplished a miracle of nature which gives Roquefort its incomparable flavour. 


Back in 2008, Michel Roux Jr tried our Roquefort for The Observer, this is what he said:

"Fruity and vinegary, which sounds odd, but that's how it should be. It's the smelliest of the four and the pong shoots right up your nose. Lovely.

4 stars".


The piece for the cheese board will be kept ambient at least an hour before the meal. Roquefort is also used in culinary preparations: canapés, salads, soufflés, etc ...


It goes harmoniously with sweet wines, Sauternes, Jurançon or natural sweet wines, Maury, Rivesaltes or Porto.

Roquefort Le vieux berger

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