Tomme aux fleurs / 4kg / C / R / AnR / Semi-hard uncooked lightly pressed / Alsace / 45% fat.

Aromatic both floral and lactic smell, mild yet rich milky slightly nutty flavour enhanced by the wild flower coating, I love it! ( 3 )


Born in Austria, the flower coating has made it to Alsace only very recently. It has not taken long before some cracking products came out of this. Our Tomme was coated with edible flowers ( mallow, cornflower, marigolds, rose, blue trigonella, safflower ) mid ripening allowing them to impart a little extra fragrance to the cheese, to really enjoy them, one must eat both flesh and rind, it is a mild yet savoury floral feast.

The cheese is very supple and lends itself well to sandwiches, burger, even melted in some pasta. 

A light fruity red wine like Gamay would go well with our Tomme aux fleurs

Tomme aux fleurs

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200 Grams
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