Tomme de chevre / 3,5kg / G/P/AnR / Hard uncooked pressed / Berry / 28%. Light goat smell, fantastically creamy, slightly nutty and tangy. (3)


This Tomme is inspired by a Dutch Gouda. Its maker emigrated to Berry in France many years ago. While he first decided to dedicate himself to the trade of Dutch cheeses, he quickly discovered that a certain mould was growing in the cave where he stocked his cheeses, that mould was particularly suitable to ripening hard gouda like cheeses giving them an almost sweet flavour. He then decided to start his own production. Our Tomme de Chevre retains characteristics typical to goat cheese with a fine creamy almost granular non squeaky pate. It melts in mouth and keeps giving. It is quite fruity and nutty, not too goaty!


It pairs well with a Sancerre or a Reuilly, it doesn’t work with red wine.

Tomme de Chevre

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200 Grams
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