Tomme de Savoie/ 1.8kg / C/R/AnR / Semi hard uncooked lightly pressed / Haute-savoie / 29 % fat


An enjoyable cellar smell with a nutty milky slightly lactic taste, a great everyday cheese. (3)


Originally made on farms for the family's consumption, our ancestral cheese had almost vanished from Savoie by the 1960s, it was saved by the "Coopérative des Fermiers Savoyards"  who have since worked tirelessly to honour their ancestors. It is one of the few cheeses with this type of surface flora dominated by a Mucor fungi, the slide show pretty much demonstrates the spread over a 2 months period. Though potentially dangerous on other products, this autochtonous fungi actually protects our cheese and is perfectly edible, it does add to it quite some depth. 


Made for the family's own consumption, so it shall remain.  It goes well with a Gamay or beaujolais.

Tomme de Savoie

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200 Grams
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